NJROTC Ribbon Checker

Click the boxes next to the ribbons you are currently authorized to wear, then press the button below to get a graphical representation of them. This program does not currently take into account ribbon devices, including lamps, anchors, torches, or stars for multiple awards.

The ribbons on this page are listed in order of precedence. To find a particular ribbon, use the 'find' command available on the most commonly used browsers.

The ribbon checker program was written by LCDR Michael R. Gustafson II at Duke University. The ribbon graphics, precedence, and motivation for this page were provided by Cadet Randy Smith at Oviedo High School NJROTC. The ribbon titles and graphics were updated on 9/6/2009 based on information at Naval Service Training Command.

Ribbons and Medals:
Meritorious Achievement
Distinguished Unit
Distinguished Cadet
Honor Cadet
Cadet Achievement
Unit Achievement
Aptitude Award
Naval Science 4 Outstanding Cadet
Naval Science 3 Outstanding Cadet
Naval Science 2 Outstanding Cadet
Naval Science 1 Outstanding Cadet
Exemplary Conduct
Academic Award
Exemplary Personal Appearance
Physical Fitness
Unit Service
Community Service
Drill Team
Color Guard
Rifle/Pistol Team
Orienteering Team
Recruiting Team
Mini-Boot Camp
Sea Cruise